Balances and Indicators

(Hebrew) בקר שקילה PAVONE המאפשר כניסה נפרדת למתמרים

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Indicator DAT400

Pavone Sistemi’s WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE DEALING, high performance and reliability Upload and download function for programming with TESTER 1006 10 points linearization Datasheet or deadload calibration Configuration and calibration via front panel or PC with Innovation software; USB serial port available ON REQUEST: DAT 400 BIPOLAR VERSION

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Indicator MCT

Touch screen weight indicator perfect for any type of weighing Practical, easy to install and use Perfect for static weighing and loading-unloading and multicomponent dosage Customizable according to necessity Multilingual menu Available in Profinet, Ethernet IP, Ethernet, EtherCAT 6 inputs and 6 outputs (optoisolated 24 Vdc) Internal data memory 64 Kbytes expandable up to 1024… View Article

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Indicator DAT1400

Frequency acquisition A/DC signal up to 1000 Hz DATALOGGER function (optional) Capacitive keyboard Fieldbus + analog output on board at the same time Removable screw terminal blocks Mounting Type: DIN rail & assembly kits for front-panel All Fieldbus available: Profinet, Ethercat, Ethernet IP, Ethernet Future options:- Two independent weighing channels- Analog voltage/current input- Connection to I-BOX external via… View Article

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Indicator DAT400S (Low)

Configuration and calibration from front panel or serial port with the program Inovation ™ (MS Windows) Upload and download function for programming in 1006 TESTER 10 points linearization RS232 or RS422/RS485 serial output with MODBUS RTU or ASCII protocols selectable by the operator ATEX certification, IP66/67, 2,22 (OPTION) Directly connectable to the PROFIBUS fieldbus and… View Article

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Indicator DAT500 (Low)

RS232 or RS422/RS485 output, ASCII Protocols or MODBUS RTU High performance and reliability Upload and download function for programming with 1006 TESTER The connection can also be done through the external converter 10 points linearization Calibration done using certificates of transducers Configuration and calibration from the front panel or PC via RS232/RS485 with the program INNOVATION™ (MS… View Article

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